storm chaser

  1. Jamie Simms

    Storm chaser physically attacked by another storm chaser during car ride

    In a lengthy post on his Facebook account, storm chaser Matt Granz revealed that he was attacked two days ago by another storm chaser he was giving a ride to. You can read his post here. “Two days ago, I was physically attacked by a storm chaser I was giving a ride to. He thought I didn’t brake...
  2. Jamie Simms

    Anticyclonic tornado caught on camera in Kansas

    Storm chaser Kyle Cutler caught an anticyclonic tornado on camera in Kansas yesterday. In the video (watch here), you can see suction vortices dancing around the perimeter. Great catch by Kyle!
  3. Jamie Simms

    Erratic driver overtakes storm chasers at high speed

    The motorist almost hits an oncoming car head-on! Watch the moment an erratic driver overtakes storm chasers at high speed in the video here. Thankfully, this was caught on live stream. I hope the driver who overtook the chasers would reach out to me!
  4. Jamie Simms

    Storm chaser’s car ends up in ditch

    The individual involved appeared to be okay. Watch the moment a storm chaser’s car ends up in a ditch while chasing the Lockett, TX tornado here. I can assume that the driver of the car could have been speeding or didn’t break fast enough (possibly misjudged the road). I would love to know what...
  5. Jamie Simms

    Storm chaser drives wrong way down highway chasing tornado

    We cannot confirm the identity of the chaser involved. Watch a storm chaser drive the wrong way down a highway whilst chasing a tornado here.
  6. Jamie Simms

    Storm chaser allegedly threatens fellow chaser after confrontation online

    A storm chaser allegedly threatened a fellow storm chaser on social media after being comforted online about stealing (aka ripping) the fellow chaser’s content. You can read the unnamed chaser sent to talented storm chaser BC (WXChasing) here.
  7. Jamie Simms

    Oklahoma City media truck allegedly tailgates storm chaser

    According to a tweet posted by storm chaser Brett Roberts, an Oklahoma City (OKC) media truck tailgated the chaser for 10 miles. You can read the tweet Roberts posted here. Really interested to hear your thoughts!?
  8. MW Little

    Austin, Texas Group

    Hey y'all! Anyone here from the Austin/San Antonio area looking to start a chase group or reporting group for the area? I'd love to hop on a call or meet and discuss further. A little about me: I am a junior at Texas State and I have been interested in tornadoes and severe storms ever since I...
  9. Jordan Doane

    Opinions on new chase vehicle and accessories.!?

    Hey y'all. Since the volkswagen buy back went on we've been unable to find a diesel jetta wagon and after hearing about electrical issues with them as well id like to hear some new opinions on this car. We've been looking at a 2004/2005 Subaru Forester xs (non turbo charged version.) Personally...
  10. Robert Forry

    Stormchaser receives the gift of LIFE.

    Hey gang, this maybe old news to some, but after being diagnosed with Restrictive Cardiomyopothy in 2005 and in need of a heart transplant, last October, my friend and fellow storm chaser L.B. LaForce received the precious gift of life. Below is a link to the story and video about one mans...