squall line

  1. Peter B. Creedon

    Squall Lines and chasing

    During a lot of my local chases from Saint Charles, MO, I ended up chasing (more like being chased) squall lines. I know Tail End Charley is where action can be. What have you done when the action goes linear? I've caught some good stuff out ahead of squall lines, but it ends up getting...
  2. Peter B. Creedon

    2010-06-18: IA, MO, IL

    This was the first day I worked at my job as a liquor store clerk. Cells fired across Iowa and into Illinois. After dark they congealed into an MCS and slunk south to the STL area. I remember a customer coming in remarking about the "light show" off to the north. After my shift (1:30 AM Saturday...