1. Can’t login to spotter network have requested new password multiple times

    I have recently upgraded radar scope. I know can’t login to spotter network. I have one device still logged in. I have checked the my saved passwords on that device and tried it on others. When I tried that password it states I have the wrong login credentials. For several days I have...
  2. Lucas Munzlinger

    “This Account Cannot Report Location”

    Good morning everyone on radarscope some reason all the sudden I don’t have an option to report my location using spotter network. When I login it’s automatically stating (This Account Cannot Report Location) when it never gave me the option to report location. I also use an iPhone. I’ve passed...
  3. J. Griffin

    SN Giving 404 Error

    SN is giving me a 404 Error when trying to connect to it. Is Cloudflare having more issues again like yesterday?
  4. Mark Blue

    SN / RS How RadarScope and Spotter Network work together

    This link How RadarScope and the Spotter Network Work Together should help individuals discover and understand the details of how RS and SN work together. This is a frequent question asked by many newer owners of the RS application, so I am making this a sticky post for those needing support.
  5. David Hodges

    Spotter Network Technical Support, What Goes ?

    Has anyone out there had issues with ? It was a very helpful app in the field together with Radar Scope and Chaser Location. I was a member of Spotter Network for a few years now and had nothing but praise for the way it has helped the spotter community . Now not so much...