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  1. B Gardner

    SN / RS SN location not showing up on RadarScope

    The specific problem I’m having is my location is not showing up on the RadarScope app. I am signed into the spotternetwork on my RadarScope app, I do have location settings turns on, my location is being sent to the SN, yet me nor any of my team can see my specific “red dot” on the RadarScope...
  2. Cait French

    How Spotter Training Classes Positively Impact Communities

    I’m a meteorologist working in the local sector of Emergency Management and have gotten together with our local college and NWS office to set up a Spotter Training class. I’m concerned that it won’t have much of an impact on my community but I hope I’m wrong! I really want to see the public...
  3. John Boney

    SN/Radarscope beacon reporting issue...

    Had RS Pro (T1) on both Android and Apple with no issues but both iPhone and S7 are down for now. Recently installed on a new (to me) Tablet ( Samsung Tab3, Android 4,4.2 - KitKat ), and (current version) RS installed fine. Entered the SN log-in info and it logs in fine, showing that the acct...
  4. SKYWARNVermont

    Vermont Weather Reports

    I'll be giving daily updates for the Chittden County area in Vermont, and I'll be keeping watch for severe weather, posing updates on new weather developments for the green mountain state. Anyone wanting to send reports are greatly appreciated!
  5. Steve Miller

    Amateur storm chasers cause headaches for emergency spotters

    Original: http://www.naplesnews.com/weather/375395951.xhtml The storm chasing frenzy is causing headaches for emergency personnel in severe weather situations, such as happened Sunday. On several occasions Sunday, the control operator for Wichita County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARE)...