1. Gavin Groth

    At least 3 fatalities; 7 injuries, from 2/5/2020-2/6/2020 severe wx event.

    Unfortunately I have been looking through the filtered severe weather reports and I noticed more fatalities and injuries from the most recent severe weather event. This event, of course stemmed from yesterdays enhanced risk, and the slight risk on 2/5/2020. One of the fatalities was tornado...
  2. Mike Z

    [Time-Lapse] Line of Severe Thunderstorms Approaching - 04/26/2019

  3. Mike Z

    [Severe] Thunderstorm Time-Lapse - 08/03/2018

  4. Peter B. Creedon

    Squall Lines and chasing

    During a lot of my local chases from Saint Charles, MO, I ended up chasing (more like being chased) squall lines. I know Tail End Charley is where action can be. What have you done when the action goes linear? I've caught some good stuff out ahead of squall lines, but it ends up getting...
  5. Danny Neal

    Tragic Events Across the South and Safety Tips

    A suspected tornado that tore through Alabama early Wednesday killed three people and injured at least two others, officials said. Two people also were killed in Tennessee in the band of severe weather that barreled through the Southeast. One storm ripped through Jackson County in northeastern...
  6. Ryan Hearne

    Need Good footage for Atmospheric science project

    Hey everyone! My name is Ryan and I am currently a senior at Dripping Springs High school. I am doing a project about the dangers of flooding, hurricanes, and tornadoes, along with lightning for my class and it is one of my biggest grades of the year. I need good severe weather footage...