1. Mike Z

    [Time-Lapse] Heavy Rain Cell with Awesome Sunset After - 04/09/2019

  2. Mike Z

    [Time-Lapse] Convection to Heavy Rain - 08/03/2018

    I like this one. Is that a funnel cloud on the left side at 0:52? I guess thunderstorm updrafts could cause harmless spins like that..
  3. Mike Z

    [Nonsevere] Nearby Heavy Rain Cell Slideshow - 08/01/2018

    This popped up right over me.
  4. Mike Z

    Brief Heavy Rain Cell Time-Lapse - 08/01/2018

    It's not severe, but cool to see the cell approach and the rain dump in a time-lapse.
  5. Brandon Sullivan

    Man Compares Storm to Quarterback.. Haha!

    "Eddie Ellingburg, a Rankin County resident, told WJTV’s Malary Pullen that “it looked like Fitzgerald running through the Ole Miss line with all the trees laying over.” Nick Fitzgerald is the quarterback for Mississippi State University. The Bulldogs recently defeated Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl...
  6. Robert Forry

    The Great Flood of SE Michigan

    I know there's been torrential rainfall events and flooding in the U.S. on a massive scale since then (who can forget the flooding that occurred along the Missouri and the Mississippi Rivers in the '90s?), but this caught my attention as it was even reported on the BBC as I served with the Air...