1. I MacDaniel

    AccuWeather’s Tornado Predictions... how???? I’m not sure if some of you already have seen this article, but AccuWeather predictions call for 1,075 tornadoes this year and elevated tornado risk for...
  2. Alex Elmore

    CIPS Experimental Analog-Based Severe Probability Guidance

    Saint Louis University-CIPS has recently developed experimental analog-based severe probability guidance, which is available here: There is a link at the bottom of the page that provides a brief technical explanation of the guidance, and we’ll be...
  3. Steve Miller

    How The Shape Of Your City Determines The Weather

    Humans have changed the planet so permanently and dramatically, scientists had to coin a special geological name—the anthropocene—just to describe it. And you might not realize it, but the weather patterns you live with everyday are a direct product of our busy urban cores. Yes, we’ve even...