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  1. Cameron E.

    Lets Talk About the National Weather Service

    We know that the National Weather Service provides the people of United States information to keep us informed on our current and future weather. What many others may NOT know is the inside workings of the organization and its work environment, ethic, quality, and how it operates. For anyone...
  2. Steve Miller

    National Weather Service to make changes to warning system

    The NWS uses a combination of 122 watches, warnings, and advisories to detail potential hazards around the country. Give them some feedback on their efforts here: http://www.weather.gov/hazardsimplification/
  3. Steve Miller

    National Weather Service will stop screaming in all caps

    WASHINGTON (AP) — FOR MORE THAN A CENTURY, THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE HAS ISSUED ITS FORECASTS IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. But in the age of social media that's considered yelling, so next month federal meteorologists are lowering their voices and their letters — except in dire emergencies...
  4. Steve Miller

    NWS: Straight-line winds equivalent to EF-1 tornado in Florida

    Original story: http://www.nbc-2.com/story/30989696/nws-straight-line-winds-equivalent-to-ef-1-tornado#.Vp0GVxCrTUI The National Weather Service in Miami concluded a 30-mile stretch of Collier County was hit Sunday by a large swath of severe thunderstorm winds that reached speeds from 70 to 90...
  5. Steve Miller

    NWS triples computing power to generate more accurate forecasts

    Every year, the nation’s meteorologists convene to discuss the weather and the status of weather science at the annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society. The meeting is also a time for big announcements, and in New Orleans this week the National Weather Service was able to announce...
  6. calvinkaskey

    Issues with transmitting tornado warnings in various areas of the country

    I have had issues with not getting a tornado warning from my car radio or older phone and in New York there are no tornado sirens. In North Carolina I had bought a weather radio in loo of the previous incident and it took 7 minutes after the warning was supposedly issued. I did have a cell...