1. Peter B. Creedon

    2010-06-18: IA, MO, IL

    This was the first day I worked at my job as a liquor store clerk. Cells fired across Iowa and into Illinois. After dark they congealed into an MCS and slunk south to the STL area. I remember a customer coming in remarking about the "light show" off to the north. After my shift (1:30 AM Saturday...
  2. Ethan Schisler

    2016-03-23 REPORTS: IA/MO/OK/AR/TX

    Decided to take the chance and chase yesterday near the surface low in Northwest Missouri/Southwest Iowa. Original concerns over marginal moisture ended up verifying and setting this back from what could have been. Bulk shear in excess of 65 knots and CAPE values ~1000 J/KG set the stage for...