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  1. Jamie Simms

    Erratic driver overtakes storm chasers at high speed

    The motorist almost hits an oncoming car head-on! Watch the moment an erratic driver overtakes storm chasers at high speed in the video here. Thankfully, this was caught on live stream. I hope the driver who overtook the chasers would reach out to me!
  2. David Coviello

    Chase Live Streaming

    So to live stream the past few years I have been using a GoPro Hero 9 connected to the GoPro iPhone app and a mobile Mi-Fi internet device that streams to FB Live or Twitch. It's alot of moving parts just to stream online and quite a pain in the ass to get going and stay connected. When I am...
  3. David Reimer

    Live Streaming Options?

    I miss the "golden" days of live streaming. There were several good companies to choose from. Some are still around, some aren't. Severe Studios is still in business while ChaserTV fell off after WDT's termination of their involvement. Obviously TVN Weather closed down last year in a rather...