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  1. Almena KS Tornado June 3 1999

    I bring tidings and a new tape transfer. Recently digitized some Hi8 tapes for Dr. Jay Antle, who gave me his blessings to share his video of the (in)famous Almena KS tornado from June 3 1999. Despite being a very well documented tornado, very few videos of it have made their way online, so why...
  2. Synopsis/mesoanalysis of 6/6/2014

    June 6, 2014, was a classic late spring upslope/NW flow setup over portions of the western high plains and S. Central plains of the CONUS. This day was defined by many discrete supercells progressing SE off the higher elevation of E. CO, E. NM, E. WY, and NE panhandle. As these storms gradually...