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  1. 1-min-satellite imagery for Irma is on

    Click to zoom in, (-) button to zoom out, into edges for pan. Change channels via menu. 1-min-sat imagery for #Irma is on - click to zoom in, (-) for zoom out, into edges for pan. Other channels via menu https://weather.us/satellite/815-w-213-n/satellite-superhd-1min.html#play
  2. Steve Miller

    How Hurricane Irma became so huge and destructive

    WASHINGTON — As Hurricane Irma barrels dangerously toward Florida, scientists say that a perfect mix of meteorological conditions has conspired over the past week to make the storm unusually large and powerful. “You need just the right ingredients for a hurricane of this magnitude to last for...
  3. Steve Miller

    'Potentially catastrophic' Hurricane Irma has 180-mph winds; Florida impact likely

    Hurricane Irma has been upgraded to a Category 5 storm with 180-mph winds, and there is an “increasing chance” the storm will impact Florida, according to the National Hurricane Center. The National Hurricane Center called the storm “potentially catastrophic.” Irma poses the greatest danger to...