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  1. Robert Payne

    New to Chasing Tropical Weather

    Hello Everyone, I'm brand new to the site and a novice to hurricane chasing. I've been obsessed with weather since I was in elementary school but only ever got the opportunity to do a chase once as a teenager fresh out of high school (Tropical Storm Arlene 2005). I've also lived most of my life...
  2. MikeD

    Hurricanes of 2018

    Take a guess at when the first Hurricane, not tropical storm or depression is going to form.
  3. Steve Miller

    Hurricane hunter plane failed three times in 8 days; has no backup

    A Gulfstream jet, which collects critical data for hurricane forecasts, was flying through Hurricane Maria’s swirling winds Monday when the seal on the cabin door failed, emitting a loud noise. The mission was aborted, and the crew returned to NOAA’s Aircraft Operations Center — wearing oxygen...
  4. Steve Miller

    How Hurricane Irma became so huge and destructive

    WASHINGTON — As Hurricane Irma barrels dangerously toward Florida, scientists say that a perfect mix of meteorological conditions has conspired over the past week to make the storm unusually large and powerful. “You need just the right ingredients for a hurricane of this magnitude to last for...
  5. Steve Miller

    'Potentially catastrophic' Hurricane Irma has 180-mph winds; Florida impact likely

    Hurricane Irma has been upgraded to a Category 5 storm with 180-mph winds, and there is an “increasing chance” the storm will impact Florida, according to the National Hurricane Center. The National Hurricane Center called the storm “potentially catastrophic.” Irma poses the greatest danger to...
  6. Steve Miller

    Hurricane Harvey: 2017 Central Texas Coast

    Thunderstorms are beginning to redevelop near the estimated center. Rather rapid development into a tropical storm is expected during the next 36 hours. A continued northwest track toward the central Texas coast is forecast through Friday. More rapid intensification is expected on Thursday and...
  7. Russell Jones

    Eye Witness Account of Hurricane Camille 1969

    I didn't write this, but found it a fascinating read: Andrea Dona Nov 22, 2014 I was 7 years old and living in Long Beach Mississippi with my family when Hurricane Camille hit on August 17, 1969. On August 15 of that same year my mother had gone to New Orleans to pick my father up from port...
  8. Steve Miller

    TS/Hurricane Otto: Does the storm keep the same name?

    With Hurricane Otto sitting in the Southwest Caribbean sea right now and slowly moving westward toward Central America, the thought comes to mind that this storm will likely stay intact as it crosses land into the Pacific Ocean. Well, the hurricane season in the Eastern Pacific has its own...
  9. Steve Miller

    Hurricane Matthew Official Thread

    The Hurricane Hunters investigating 97L, the strong tropical wave now moving through the Windward Islands, found that it now has a closed circulation and is stronger, so it is now Tropical Storm Matthew with winds of 60 mph. Tropical storm conditions are likely today for many of the islands in...