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  1. Issue with Spotter Network Software GPS

    I have recently acquired a GlobalSat BU-353S4 to run with Spotter Network. Earlier today it was working with Spotter Network just fine but now when I try to use it, Spotter Network Software just says "connecting" and in the bottom left it says "GPS off" even though Windows recognizes the device...
  2. John Moore

    Alternatives to Delorme Maps for PC?

    I have found it very useful to be have a mapping solution that shows my exact position on the road network, out in the field on minor roads. I have used Delorme Street Maps for real-time navigation during chases for nearly 20 years. Since the device knows where I am, then the cognitive time suck...
  3. Chris Kridler

    iPad as primary data/nav in chase car?

    The sticky GPS thread above hasn't been updated in eons, so please forgive me for posting here. In the past I've chased with the typical old PC laptop/DeLorme Street Atlas/GR3 setup with a plug-in "puck" GPS receiver. It's become too unstable for my tastes, and the addition of a chase partner...