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  1. Issue with Spotter Network Software GPS

    I have recently acquired a GlobalSat BU-353S4 to run with Spotter Network. Earlier today it was working with Spotter Network just fine but now when I try to use it, Spotter Network Software just says "connecting" and in the bottom left it says "GPS off" even though Windows recognizes the device...
  2. Equipment for the newbie

    Hello, Long time weather enthusiast and first season spotter here! I took the classes in an online format so I wasn't able to ask questions at the time, so my biggest question is what equipment should I get? I do have some radar apps, although Radar Omega is a little over my head.
  3. Apolehn

    the 2002 honda civic LX as a storm chaser.

    I am wondering if a 2002 honda civic LX can actually withstand wet backroads and problems storms and tornadoes can cause like mud,hail etc. and what would i have to do to make windshields hailproof
  4. adlyons

    New State Mesonet List

    With the viral success of the Oklahoma mesonet, many states have followed suit with their own systems. I found a nice website from Cambell scientific with links to all the available state mesonets and their data. In total, this represents around 1700 realtime stations. Some useful ones for...
  5. Jordan Doane

    Storm Chasing Wish List

    As Christmas nears us in the USA what equipment for storm chasing/ weather monitoring is on your list/ Wish List? Heres my wish list! 3000 watt pure sine power inverter yeasu ft-7900R ham radio sony cx-900 camcorder hail roof rack/guard metal tube bumper winch Bungee tow rope Ram IPad vehicle...
  6. Jeremy Perez

    Selecting an External Camcorder Mic: Omni vs. Unidirectional

    I’m looking to invest $100-200 in an external mic for my camcorder (Canon VIXIA HF M30). I’ve had my eye on a couple options Canon SM-V1 5.1 Channel Surround Microphone Azden High-performance (SMX-10) Stereo Condenser Microphone (+ wind sock appropriate for either) The first is...