1. Randy Jennings

    North Texas Spring Tornado Outlook

    We’re off to a stormy start to 2017, so let the media “tornado outlooks” begin. This one comes from NBC 5 in DFW, who appear to think they are going to get to use their new radar toys a lot this year: “The number of people killed by tornadoes over the weekend was more than the total number of...
  2. Michael Snyder

    La Nina Watch cancelled

    La Nina Watch has been cancelled and we look to be heading into ENSO Neutral conditions this winter and next spring. I'll take a look at the ENSO numbers with regards to Neutral year conditions, and Ill also compare how we came out of the El Nino year and the low number of tornadoes we have been...
  3. David Hodges

    EL Nino's Golden Lining- The Desert Southwest May Soon Be Drowning In Color

    A member of my radio club bought one of the best Minelab metal detectors around 10 years ago and never had time to use it . It sat in it's box untouched in his garage until I came along and bought it for a grand sum of $100. I got the deal of the century on this discovery!. After the purchase...