el nino

  1. KendraReed

    New cousin of El Niño

    "El Niño, or the El Niño–Southern Oscillation, is an occasional warming event in the Pacific Ocean that can initiate weather-related havoc across the U.S. Now, it has a new cousin. By examining 38 years of weather, atmospheric scientists have identified an ocean temperature anomaly — the Pacific...
  2. David Hodges

    EL Nino's Golden Lining- The Desert Southwest May Soon Be Drowning In Color

    A member of my radio club bought one of the best Minelab metal detectors around 10 years ago and never had time to use it . It sat in it's box untouched in his garage until I came along and bought it for a grand sum of $100. I got the deal of the century on this discovery!. After the purchase...