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  1. S Klein

    Past Bulk Shear and CAPE data?

    Hi all! I'm doing an analysis on one of the storms I chased last summer. I've found archival databases for dew point, temp, radar, etc, but I can't seem to find a reliable source for past CAPE and Shear. Skew-T charts would be helpful as well, but I'm sick of the lack of data I'm finding...
  2. Andrew Revering

    EuroWX & F5Weather Redesigned!

    The NEW F5Weather has been released!! We are excited to finally announce that our weather forecast model viewing sites EuroWX.com and F5Weather.com have merged, and are now a completely redesigned F5Weather.com! This new site features a plethora of new features and models, but also is much...
  3. ChristofferB

    Machine Learning (AI) & storm/weather related data

    I have recently started studying Machine Learning, which is a sort of Artificial Intelligence used for example in image recognition, self driving cars, speech recognition (Siri) etc. It is quite interesting and I think it could be really useful in terms of storm/tornado prediction in the future...
  4. Mark Blue

    Guess who's back?? Millenicom!!

    It has been a little over a year since we lost a significant resource in the cellular service provider market, but it is back. I'm talking about Millenicom. Yes that is right, your eyes didn't deceive you! Here's a link to their temporary webpage: http://spartacus15.wix.com/millenicom They...
  5. ChristofferB

    Prepaid SIM-card with data - live overseas

    I live in Sweden and chase the plains for somewhere between 1-3 weeks a year, which I am very grateful to be able to do living so far away from the action. I always have to rely on my fellow chasers' data, Starbucks wifi etc to be able to check radar, tweet / read tweets which obviously is quite...