1. Jeff Duda

    2022 Stormtrack forecast contest - $100 prize

    We are proud to announce a forecasting contest on Stormtrack for the year 2022. The theme of this year's contest is similar to those from past years, but with a twist. We will award a $100 prize to the contestant that comes closest to predicting the number of tornadoes during the most-active...
  2. Jeff Duda

    Storms of the decade: the 2010s (pre-discussion)

    I want to start a thread discussing the best storms of the entire 2010s decade. Please submit a nomination or two for the types of high magnitude storms that occurred between 2010 and now that you don't think come around but once every 10 years or so. Yes, I know the decade is not over yet. We...
  3. Steve Miller

    Stormtrack Contest - $100 Amazon Gift Card

    We want to boost the news section here on ST and are offering an award of $100 just in time for Christmas! Details: Post a news article at the "Weather in the News" forum located here: The thread owner with the most thread views as...