1. Synopsis/mesoanalysis of 6/6/2014

    June 6, 2014, was a classic late spring upslope/NW flow setup over portions of the western high plains and S. Central plains of the CONUS. This day was defined by many discrete supercells progressing SE off the higher elevation of E. CO, E. NM, E. WY, and NE panhandle. As these storms gradually...
  2. ChristofferB

    What is this "funnel" from the CO/WY/NE-outbreak?

    Just before the "four state supercell" that produced tornadoes in three states before dying out in South Dakota it started off next to another supercell, west of it, near Ft Myers, CO. In the beginning, this western storm looked better than the ones that created all the tornadoes. This western...
  3. ScottCurry

    2017-03-23 REPORTS: KS/NE/CO/TX

    It's still winter. At least in Colorado. The same storm that everyone else was eyeballing for hail - I mean tornadoes, produced a blizzard in Monument, CO. I didn't wake up early enough to capture the actual blizzard, but I did venture out to capture the aftermath. The blizzard occurred...
  4. KendraReed

    The Most Tornado-Prone Counties In America

    "This week I came across an analysis by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s Storm Prediction Center showing what counties in the United States experience the most tornadoes. The top spot went to Weld County, Colorado." ~ Marshall Shepherd...