1. S Klein

    Past Bulk Shear and CAPE data?

    Hi all! I'm doing an analysis on one of the storms I chased last summer. I've found archival databases for dew point, temp, radar, etc, but I can't seem to find a reliable source for past CAPE and Shear. Skew-T charts would be helpful as well, but I'm sick of the lack of data I'm finding...
  2. Verhaegen Yoni

    Calculating CAPE from CCL/LCL

    Hi all I have been trying to get to know how to read atmospheric soundings, but some things remain unclear. I hope someone can clarify. So if I understand well, as long as T2m < convective temperature, you will need to use the LCL and start the moist adiabatic curve from there to calculate...
  3. RUC Soundings

    The RUC soundings used to list CAPE and Cin for weather sites. But now, there are no values listed for CAPE or Cin when looking at the soundings for a site. Does anybody know why there are no values given for CAPE and Cin? Are they going to start listing the values again? If not, where can I...
  4. Carl Jones

    Top 10: Highest Observed CAPE

    So I was searching for highest observed CAPE values via rawinsondes. To my surprise, it has been rather difficult finding resources with this information. So I decided to make a list of the top 10 SB/ML CAPE values using SPC's sounding climatology page...