1. ScottCurry

    3-13-2019 Bomb Cyclone Blizzard - Colorado

    The Bomb Cyclone (explosive cyclogenesis) that hit Colorado on March 13, 2019 resulted in Category 2 Hurricane Force Winds (96 mph+) and whiteout conditions. Visibility on the roads was reduced to 0 feet, and thousands of cars were stuck on the roads. Hundreds of schools and businesses closed...
  2. ScottCurry

    2017-03-23 REPORTS: KS/NE/CO/TX

    It's still winter. At least in Colorado. The same storm that everyone else was eyeballing for hail - I mean tornadoes, produced a blizzard in Monument, CO. I didn't wake up early enough to capture the actual blizzard, but I did venture out to capture the aftermath. The blizzard occurred...