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  1. I MacDaniel

    AccuWeather’s Tornado Predictions... how????

    https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/accuweathers-us-tornado-forecast-shows-4-states-face-the-highest-risk-this-year/70007449 I’m not sure if some of you already have seen this article, but AccuWeather predictions call for 1,075 tornadoes this year and elevated tornado risk for...
  2. Ben Holcomb

    Accuweather App sending user location data

    So this seems like a major invasion of privacy from accuweather. I'm not a fan of just sharing my location with apps to be shared with anyone and I imagine others aren't either. Users dump AccuWeather iPhone app after learning it sends location data to a third party AccuWeather’s iOS app may...