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Who’s Who in Storm Chasing FAQ

Who can have a Who’s Who in Storm Chasing listing?

In order to have a listing in the Who’s Who directory, you need to have some actual “real world” storm chasing experience, and you need to have been regularly active in the hobby either now or at some point in the past.

In essence, storm chasing is 90% forecasting and spending long hours on the road in pursuit of storms. That’s what the Who’s Who is about, and for the purposes of this directory, we ask that applicants have repeated experience in the following two basic areas: a.) pre-planning and forecasting where storms will occur, and then b.) driving away from your home town/county to observe the storms. Photographing storms from your home area, encountering a storm/tornado by chance (on a road trip, for instance) or having a general interest in storms and weather does not meet the definition of “storm chaser” for the purposes of this directory.

We’re not trying to be elitist or exclusionary, but we aim to maintain a high-quality directory of individuals who have valid experience in the activity of storm chasing. We don’t require you to be a successful chaser or have the best photos and videos – just that you actually go out there and chase. If you don’t have any storm chasing experience and don’t meet the requirements for the Who’s Who, that’s OK – it’s never too late to start! We’d be happy to include you once you get some of those miles and experiences under your belt.

What are the required information items?

The following are the minimum information requirements: Name, geographic location, bio, year of your first chase and complete answers to at least ten Q&A questions. Applications with numerous one-word or yes/no answers can’t be included.

Do I need to answer all of the Q&A questions?

A minimum of ten Q&A questions should be answered, but we encourage answering as many as possible. The goal is to make the Who’s Who both a quality resource and an interesting read for viewers. Again, we ask that some thought be placed in your answers.

Will I be able to update my own entry?

This is a planned feature that will be added at some time in the future.

How do I get a listing or edit my existing one?

If you feel that you meet the requirements for inclusion in the Who’s Who directory, please see this thread in the Stormtrack forum for information on how to get a listing.

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