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Nathan Moore

Location: Kearney, Nebraska
Started Chasing: 1993
Tornadoes: 16
Web site:

Bio: Hello my name is Nathan Moore. I live in Kearney, Nebraska. I am a 42 year old father of 2 awesome children. I have always been addicted to thunderstorms and tornadoes every since I was a youngster. I have chased in my spare time just for fun off and on for 20+ years but within the last couple of years decided to change the course of my life to follow my dreams. I am currently a full time worker at the University of Nebraska at Kearney running a Tech Store and I am going to school full time and taking classes here at UNK as well as the distance program at Mississippi State. I am double majoring in GIS and Meteorology. I just finished a big research project that will be published in January on Natural Disasters. So with all this and my kids you can say I am just a tad busy. I still will do everything in my power to get out there and chase for the public’s safety and my thrill. I am also certified on The Spotter Network and Skywarn. Finally, I am in the process of getting my amateur radio license here in Kearney so I can work the Emergency Management people here in the county I live.

Chaser Q&A

How did you realize your love for weather?

I witnessed the Plainfield tornado in Illinois in 1990. From that point forward I have been addicted to anything extreme weatherwise.

When did you decide you wanted to storm chase?

When I was in the Air Force I encountered a tornado near Ogalalla Nebraska as I was driving back to Denver from Chicago. I watched the tornado go south of Ogalalla and from that point forward I wanted to go whenever I had free time.

How long have you been actively chasing?

For 21 years off and on. I would go when I had free time. Only in the last 2 years I have I started filming and streaming my chases on TVN.

Do you chase for a reason?

I love what mother nature has for us. I also love helping communities prepare for these events. I also love giving my followers a top notch live streaming experience which are the main reasons StormViewLIVE is now an official business located in Kearney, Nebraska

Do you see passion as a good or bad thing?

Definitely a good thing, Being out there to help the NWS confirm what they are seeing on radar can help improve the notification needed.

Do you prefer to chase alone or with a group?

I like to chase with a partner but have no problem chasing alone. I have a rather large team on StormViewLIVE and we are there to help each other out.

Have you ever considered going on a storm chase tour?

It has definitely been a thought with StormViewLIVE. I am not sure how I want to attack this at this time though.

How do you feel about the current state of storm chasing?

I have no problem with it other than the people that are out there ONLY to make a buck. I have no problem with trying to make some money but you have to be prepared to help the public. No first aid, certs, S&R, even NIMS things are all good. The people that are just there to get a photo and then bail give chasers a bad name.

Which era of chasing would you prefer to exist? Old-school or new-school?

I like both. I do love the old days where I can just go chase a storm by myself and enjoy nature peacefully on my own. But I did this for 20 years and now I believe its time to expand and show and help the public with whatever we can.

How far are you willing to travel for a good set up?

I’ve driven 1500 miles in 3 days. There really is no limit if I can get off work and the money is there I will go. This year I plan to do some monsoon chasing in Arizona and also experience a hurricane.

What are your favorite areas to chase? Least favorite?

Plains chasing is my favorite. Plenty of open space. Further east with all the trees is probably at this point my least favorite. Much harder to see what is coming at you.

What is you favorite type of set up to chase? Least favorite?

I love the chases that expect severe weather in the same location for multiple days. It only happens a couple times a year but that is the best when you can go somewhere and just get a hotel room for a couple days and be in the prime spot. My least favorite is storms that travel over 50 mph. They are very dangerous but also sometimes produce some of the best visual stuff. They are easy to get caught in and definitely not as relaxing.

What is your most memorable chase? Least memorable?

Most memorable chase was in Western South Dakota on June 23rd 1998 multiple tornados touched down near Rapid City. They were so pretty because 75% around the storm was blue skies. They were just amazing views of the storm.. The worst is the Spencer SD Tornado that wiped that town off the map. I chased that storm half way across the state and after a very long period nothing happened and I gave up. Big mistake.

Have you ever feared for your life?

I have never been in a situation as of yet where I feared for my life. I think my biggest fears come from the roads itself. I am usually very careful with having my exit routes and everything planned out but the roads when caught in a core or not being able to see or trusting other drivers. That is probably been my biggest fear.

Are you afraid to make dangerous maneuvers while chasing? (I.E core punching/hook slicing/living in the bears cage)

I will get brave and make some maneuvers once in a while if there is a good back up plan. Not very often But I must have a partner with me if I am going to take things to the next step.

Do you have any superstitions?

No superstitions.

Would you sacrifice a salaried job with full benefits, but only 2 weeks out of the year to chase for a paycheck to paycheck life with unlimited chasing?

If I knew that chasing could pay the bills and get me to my next check I would absolute give up my full time job.

Are you currently doing anything job related to the weather?

Nothing. I graduate from college in the next year and half and then start at Miss St for my secondary degree. We shall see where that leads.

Have you ever been to ChaserCon?

No I have never been to chasercon.

Are you more likely to hang out with other chasers while waiting for initiation, or sit alone on a country road watching the sky?

I usually don’t initiate conversations on the road but welcome it if someone wants to stop and say hi, I have taught myself everything I know and chase with my own certain ways. Often times different than what others think. I tend to stay away from the big piles of chasers unless I know something is going down.

What date burns in you (think bust) and why?

The biggest burn is the Spencer tornado as I mentioned earlier. I should have stayed the course on that.

Do you always know why you made the wrong or right decisions to chase a particular day?

Most of the time I know the mistakes I made during a chase

How did you learn what you know about forecasting and meteorology?

I am not the best forecaster and don’t try to be. I have some people that give me great information otherwise I use what I have taught myself .. I use the horse shoe method as my go to thought process when in the chase.

Do you consider the day a success even if you don’t witness a tornado?

You have to. Last year I was shut out. Had 6 tornado warnings and 3 of them had funnels half way to the ground. I love all extreme weather. The only time I am angry is if I set up in some place and the cap never breaks and then there is a full bust and I am not to happy.

Do you feel short changed if you see a tornado from a greater distance to you than you prefer?

No I definitely don’t feel short changed. I will take it any way I can get it.

Would you considering getting your children into storm chasing?

Absolutely for my children. If they wanted to get into I would teach them. I want my children to achieve whatever they love.

Do you have a job that supports storm chasing?

My job lets me take vacation when I want to chase. So I am lucky.

Do you have a family that supports storm chasing?

Yes my family is very supportive.

How long do you plan on chasing?

More and more as my children get older and don’t need babysitters. As long as I am able to do it I will be out.

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