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Jason Boggs

Location: Pampa, TX
Started Chasing: 1999
Tornadoes: 35

Bio: I am 44 years old and I live in the eastern TX Panhandle. I have lived here since 1979, and this is where my passion for severe weather became evident. I remember as a child looking up at towering thunderstorms and just being in awe at the beauty. As I got older, my passion for severe weather grew even more. I remember reading a popular photography magazine back in 98 or 99 that interviewed Warren Faidley. I saw his storm images and thought to myself…I want to do what he does.

Chaser Q&A

How did you realize your love for weather?

When I was a child looking at thunderstorms and watching tornado specials on tv.

When did you decide you wanted to storm chase?

In 1999 when I moved back to the TX Panhandle from Atlanta, GA

How long have you been actively chasing (in years)?


Do you chase for a reason?

Yes…To see severe weather and to document it with a digital camera. I also chase for a local tv station in Amarillo (KAMR-TV)

Do you prefer to chase alone or with a group?

I chased mostly alone until 2011. In 2011 I started chasing on Warren Faidley’s chase team, and I couldn’t be happier!

Have you ever considered going on a storm chase tour?

No. I like making my own decisions. If I encounter failure, I want it to be my fault, not someone else’s.

How do you feel about the current state of storm chasing?

I see it as bad and good. The good is the technology and ease of chasing. The bad is the traffic and the competition of today’s chase style.

Which era of chasing would you prefer to exist? Old-school or new-school?

New School

How far are you willing to travel for a good set up (in miles)?


What are your favorite areas to chase? Least favorite?

Favorite areas are the western TX Panhandle and the area between Lubbock TX and Midland TX. Worst area…..anywhere with trees and hills.

What is you favorite type of set up to chase? Least favorite?

Dryline setup with slight risk and 2% tornado. For some reason, I tend to succeed on meager chase days.

What is your most memorable chase? Least memorable?

Most memorable is the Campo tornado of 2010 with chase partner Dan Skoff. Least memorable…almost getting arrested by an idiotic sheriff on March 28th 2007.

Have you ever feared for your life?

Yes. I almost got hit by a nighttime tornado in Childress TX on June 15th 2008.

Are you afraid to make dangerous maneuvers while chasing? (I.E – core punching/hook slicing/living in the bears cage)

I tend to stick back a bit not only for safety, but I’m a structure fanatic. The tornado is just the icing on the cake.

Do you have any superstitions?

Not really, but I do play the twister soundtrack at the beginning of every stormchase.

Would you sacrifice a salaried job with full benefits, but only 2 weeks out of the year to chase for a paycheck to paycheck life with unlimited chasing?


Are you currently doing anything job related to the weather?


Have you ever been to ChaserCon?

No, but I will go if/when it ever get’s to Norman, OK

Are you more likely to hang out with other chasers while waiting for initiation, or sit alone on a country road watching the sky?

I like to be in the company of other while waiting for initiation. I also like to be near a

What is your favorite storm chase and why?

Campo Colorado tornado of 2010. I chased with good friend Dan Skoff that day. We targeted Campo and ended up in perfect position to see the most photogenic tornado of my life.

How did you learn what you know about forecasting and meteorology?

From the internet, and from a lot of Meteorology friends.

How you do you feel about the media in regards to the weather and chasing?

Depends…..Some media outlets like to hype up the weather to get ratings, and some just like to pass along information to their viewers. I do think the media is partly to blame for the influx of chasers the past few years.

Who are the most influential people to you out in the field?

Tim Marshall, Warren Faidley, Roger Hill, Rich Thompson, and a few others.

What do you fear most about a storm?

Not being able to escape from a violent tornado.

Do you have a job that supports storm chasing?

Yes. I usually take off the last 2-3 weeks of May to chase. I work 4 on 4 off, so any days that I’m off, I’m game for chasing.

Do you have a family that supports storm chasing?


How long do you plan on chasing?

If I ever get to the point where I can’t chase, the next best thing for me would be to watch the storm on radar. I’m kind of a radar nerd.

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