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WxLibrary Link Guidelines

Links to helpful resources and storm chaser accounts are welcome for inclusion in the StormTrack WxLibrary. We ask that links meet the following guidelines:

  • Web pages or Blog URLs only: No links to galleries, pages or posts on social media or image hosting services (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, 500px, etc). If you don’t have a web site or blog, there are many free options available for consideration (Blogspot for example). A web page gives you a permanent link that is less likely to change over time, and makes it easy for everyone to view your content.
  • Direct links to chase accounts only: Ensure that your link is a distinct URL that leads directly to the chase account, so that a visitor doesn’t have to scroll down the page or follow multiple links to locate the information they need. If you have multiple chase accounts posted on a single page, use an HTML anchor to create a unique link that leads directly to each account on the page.
  • Minimum content requirements: Write at least a short paragraph describing your chase. Links to pages that have no text and just a single image or a Youtube/Vimeo embed are not permitted. Your chase account doesn’t even need to have images or video – just provide some meaningful description of your chase (what you learned, how you came to forecast your target, etc).
  • No excessive pop-ups or malware: Please correct any malware issues that your site may have before inclusion in the WxLibrary. Sites with excessive pop-up ads, scripts or plugins are not permitted.
  • WxLibrary editors reserve the right to reject any link for inclusion.

If you have a resource or chase account that meets these guidelines that you would like to see added, please contact a WxLibrary editor.

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