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June 12, 2017: Carpenter, Wyoming and Bushnell, Nebraska tornadoes

Storm Chasing Event Archive > 2017 Events > June 12, 2017

EVENT SYNOPSIS: After a lengthy period of downtime, severe weather returned to the Plains in an unusual place on June 12. A negatively-tilted shortwave trough spread divergent southwesterly flow aloft over an unusually-moist warm sector extending into the High Plains and Front Range of southern Wyoming and Northern Colorado, resulting in an excellent kinematic and thermodynamic profile for tornadic supercells rarely seen in that part of the country. Two main target storms emerged – one near Chugwater, Wyoming, and a second cluster north of Fort Collins, Colorado. Both storms produced tornadoes, but the southern storm was the most prolific of the day. It produced a strong photogenic tornado that crossed the state line near Carpenter, WY, then several more tornadoes after moving into Nebraska at Bushnell. At one point, the southern storm had three active mesocyclones.

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