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Storm Chasing Event Archive

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The StormTrack archive of past storm chasing events in intended to preserve the history of the activity by providing a wealth of information on each date, including meteorological data, storm chaser accounts/photos/videos and news coverage.




  • 2000 Events: Brady, NE; Waterloo, IA
  • 2001 Events: White Deer, TX; Trinidad, CO; May 27 KS/OK derecho
  • 2002 Events: Pratt/Bucklin, KS
  • 2003 Events: “Ten Days in May” outbreaks; June 24 SD outbreak; Stratford, TX; Hurricane Isabel
  • 2004 Events: The “Dream Season”: Mulvane, KS; Attica, KS; Hallam, NE; May 29 outbreak; May 24 outbreak
  • 2005 Events: South Plains, TX; Hill City/Stockton, KS; Kent County, TX; Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Wilma
  • 2006 Events: Known as the worst spring season in modern chasing history; September 16 SD and 22 IL/MO outbreaks
  • 2007 Events: Greensburg, KS; Protection, KS; May 5 outbreak
  • 2008 Events: May 22-23 KS outbreaks; Hennessey, OK, Parkersburg, IA
  • 2009 Events: Another lean year; Roll, OK; Goshen, WY


  • 2010 Events: Campo, CO; Bowdle, SD; Wakita, OK; Dupree, SD; May 19 OK outbreak, June 17 MN outbreak
  • 2011 Events: Super Outbreak II; May 24 OK outbreak; Litchfield, IL
  • 2012 Events: April 14 OK/KS outbreak; LaCrosse, KS
  • 2013 Events: Rozel, KS; Bennington, KS; Shawnee, OK; El Reno, OK; November 17 IL/IN outbreak
  • 2014 Events: Pilger, NE; Coleridge, NE
  • 2015 Events: Rochelle, IL; Tipton, OK; Eads, CO; Simla, CO
  • 2016 Events: Boise City, OK; Katie-Sulphur, OK; Dodge City, KS; Chapman, KS
  • 2017 Events: Dimmitt, TX; Canton, TX; Mclean, TX; Chester, OK; Carpenter, WY
  • 2018 Events: Tescott, KS

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