WXOB 2005

Angel Dimitrov


New version of WXOB 2005 - Weather Observer is available on the InterNet:


This program gets METAR data from Internet and create meteorograms for the latest 36 hours. You can plot:

- Mean Sea Level Pressure [mb/hPa]
- Temperature [Deg C]
- Dewpoint [Deg C]
- Wind Speed [m/s]
- Relative Humidity [%]
- Clouds Cover and Height [meters]
- Visibility [meters]
- Wind Flag
- Mixing Ratio [kg/kg]
- Saturation Mixing Ratio [kg/kg]
- Specific Humidity [kg/kg]
- Water Vapor Pressure [mb]
- Saturation Water Vapor Pressure [mb]
- Absolute Humidity [g/m^3]
- Maximum Humidity [g/m^3]
- Absolute Virtual Temperature [Deg K]
- Wet Bulb Temperature [Deg C]
- Humidex [Deg C]
- Heat Index [Deg C]
- Summer Simmer Index [Deg C]
- Wind Chill (latest formula) [Deg C]
- LCL Heights [meters]
- WX Symbols

With one click over the systray icon you can look at the latest weather situation over your area. The data is downloading automatically - fast and easy!

If you find some bugs please let me know.