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Moller, A.R., C.A. Doswell, M.P. Foster, and G.R. Woodall, 1994: The operational recognition of supercell thunderstorm environments and storm structures. Weather and Forecasting, vol. 9 (September 94), pages 327-347.

Comments from chaser Roger Edwards:

This paper covers so much: supercell definitions/spectra; radar and visual characteristics; historic modeling results; enviroments (i.e., role & usage of synoptic-scale UVV, CAPE, helicity, BRN); splitters; supercells vs. tornadic supercells; and a great practice forecast exercise using an actual case.

My advice to chasers is: Don't let its presence in an AMS journal scare you. It's written in plain English, with only 2 small equations, and the only "technical" concepts are stuff you NEED to know anyway. Also, at the end of the paper are many other excellent/detailed references. This is not the only reference you should read, but it's the best place to start.

B. Johns and C. Doswell, 1992. Severe Local Storms Forecasting. Weather and Forecasting, December, 1992.

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