Humor To Tickle Your Funnel Bone

Gilbert's note: All chasers who have been chasing at least year know that chasing is mostly hurry up and wait. You are with a partner, usually, for hours and hours on end, baking in the hot sun. Which means that you keep yourselves entertained or you go crazy. Well, these fits of humor, sometimes clean, hilarious, sometimes, well, you know...have made their way onto the Internet. We now present the creme de la creme, from The Gilbert Zone to the chasemobiles of seasons past. If you have a humor page or a humorous story/photo, let me know and I'll link to it. Try to keep it as clean as possible (exception: Chuck Doswell).

Last Addition(s): November 11, 1997

Negative Tilt By Allan Rosenberg

(In)famous Tornado Vehicles By Roger Edwards


The 6 Million Dollar Chaser By Charles Edwards

The Chase Brothers

Doswell And Brooks' "Wizard Of Oz" Paper

StormTrack's first annual photo funny contest

The Weather Weenie of the Week

Top 10 Reasons To Storm Chase By Tim Vasquez

"You Might Be A Chaser If..." By Nat Heatwole

"Supercell Deprivation Syndrome" By Steve Miller

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