Your Best Lightning Shot to date...

Jun 26, 2009
Herrin, Illinois
Wonderful thread idea, and even better pics. Kudos to all who have posted. Here are two of my favorites.

Ooops, couldnt keep pics hosted properly, sorry for the blank post
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Rob H

Mar 11, 2009
Twin Cities, MN
Just snagged this one yesterday in NE on 6/11/10. We saw it hit the radio tower twice and figured it would hit it again so we stopped to take some pictures. The bolt just off-frame to the left was even more impressive - but you gotta take what you can get, right?

Jul 12, 2008
Sulphur , Oklahoma
Well thought I would add a few more ,
West of Sulphur , Ok.
North of Roff , Okla. around 6 in the morning
This pic was a few second's after I took the one above .
Was hoping to get a picture of the tower getting hit , but dam that was close.
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Zach Young

I can't even come close to matching these photos, mostly because I've been chasing with a lousy point-and-shoot all season. Still, managed to get a few bolts by sheer chance!

May 23 2010, North of Goodland, KS: Twice in a row!

June 6 2010, East of Sterling, CO:


Lawrence, KS a couple of summers ago

Shot from my driveway. Not technically the best pic, but the bolt certainly caught my attention:
Jan 13, 2008
Casa Grande, Arizona
Two of these won ribbons at the Pinal County Fair here in Arizona this year. Looks like I would have had some very serious competition if some of you other folks would have entered. There are some fantastic photos in this thread and I'm glad that people are sharing their love of the hobby.


Zach Young

Don't blame the camera! :)

With a tripod and long-ish exposure (try aperture priority at F6.7 or so), you can take decent lightning pics.
I can too blame the camera! I've been shooting with a Nikon Coolpix L16. It is a basic point and shoot, without a lot of bells and whistles. It automatically adjusts the shutter time in low light, but only to a maximum of 1 second. It also attempts to auto-set the f-number. Pretty much just does whatever it wants.

I did set it on a tripod (gorillapod to be exact) recently near St Francis, KS. I still needed to take shots almost constantly to get anything, but a few of them turned out pretty neat.