Your Best Lightning Shot to date...

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Sep 24, 2016
Ringgold, Georgia
To Date this is the closest strike I've had, Remind you this was shot at 10mm wide. It did something funky to my camera I'm assuming the electricity messed with it. I also had a tingling sensation that traveled from my head to my toes. The result was a burning telephone pole.
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Jun 4, 2018
San Angelo, TX
Since I only have 2 lightning shots, I'll share both. The first 2 are the same image that I caught by accident on my cell phone. First is the original and the 2nd I played with just using the editing app on my phone so you can just see the bolt. The third image is actually a still taken from a time lapse I did, also with my cell phone. The 3rd image hasn't been edited at all. All 3 images were captured on 16 May 2018 in San Angelo, TX. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8 for what its worthnorris3.jpg norris2.jpg norris.jpg
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Pretty sure I have to re-set my best-yet clock after this one yesterday north of Flagstaff and Mt. Elden. Storms were backbuilding over the San Francisco Peaks and gave me a chance to set up as the maturing cores started dropping lightning into Shultz Pass. I'm using the Lightning Trigger IV, and as good as it is, it still usually only catches the bright return stroke and misses the branches. But sometimes these pop-ups like to spit out quick double strikes. The first one triggers the shutter in time for a second strike to land with all the branches intact.

Mark Jordan

Mar 13, 2013
Fort Worth Texas