Your Best Lightning Shot to date...

Mar 15, 2004
Tucson, Aridzona
These two are probably my new favorite lightning shots. The bolts themselves aren't that spectacular, I just really like the location and structure.

June 22, 2012 in northwest Kansas. A nice bolt of cloud to ground lightning, but the stacked plates structure is what made this shot for me:
#2 is killer!

You'd be instantly forgiven if you chose to photochopp those @#$%@ power lines into oblivion! :)

D. Vance

My favorite to date; it struck about 200 yards from me!
This was at night; see how it lit up all the raindrops?
Canon 5D II, 17-40L. Just holding the shutter open with a release cord, exposure time was 9 seconds.

0002 by D. Vance, on Flickr

An extreme crop, showing positive streamers reaching for the bolt/leader:

What we think it hit:

IMG_9988 by D. Vance, on Flickr

Not actually that much damage to the tree, considering the intensity of the bolt!

Dave C

Jun 5, 2013
I've only been at this seriously for a couple seasons now, so these are the only shots I am really happy with.

(from my deck) Near Denver, CO. September 2012

(from my deck) Near Denver, CO. September 2012

Near Davis, OK. May 30th 2013

Near Davis, OK. May 30th 2013
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Jun 19, 2005
New Mexico

(click for larger)
Really liked this one from the Nebraska LP Supercell this year. Long story, but I had to make due this week with out a tripod, so it was steadied against the car door. If only I had that tripod...
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