Wx Pics needed for International Firefighter Training Program

Feb 19, 2007
Austin, Texas
Wx enthusiasts,
I am on an IAFF design team for a Urban Interface Operations training program. We are in the process of building a large FEMA Grant funded online training program that will reach 300,000+ firefighters across North and Central America (and possibly further). One of the modules is relating to the effects of Weather on Fire Behavior. We need high resolution, high quality pictures that depict 1. Atmospheric Stability (stable and unstable), 2. Relative Humidity, and 3. pictures that depict possible changes in RH and stability. We need pictures from various landscapes, terrains, and regions (deserts, Mountains, Plains, Etc.).
The online class will be provided to the students for free of charge so we are looking for best pictures you would like to donate to this program. If your photo is selected, you will be provided credit for the photo either on the photo or under it.

You may contact me via this thread email at ltrandydenzer@gmail.com

Randy Denzer