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I'm looking for advice / examples of a good weather instrument package for a school. We're donating a system and web cam to a new elementary school being built in our community - ideally the package would read & report current conditions; capture a web cam image, and have some way to get everything online to a webpage.

AND - if that's not enough - anyone know where I can find an elementary level lesson plan, some way we can integrate weather safety into classroom learning?

Glad to have the Stromtrack user group back on track - thanks everyone! pMc
Jun 28, 2007
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I installed a Davis 6163 station at my school about 5 years ago. Works great and very durable. I connected it to the WeatherLinkIP datalogger to send out my data to the internet. I'm hoping to add a webcam in the summer.

I teach a weather unit to our middle schoolers. I use several lessons from the NWS Jetstream page. Lots of hands-on activities there that would work well with elementary kids.


PM me some details on what aspects of weather safety that you are looking to integrate into your curriculum.
Sep 7, 2013
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I am new to this forum and would also like to know which weather station should I buy to use at home. I stumbled upon this blog https://weatherstationary.com/best-weather-station-to-buy-in-2018/ and would like to know if these are good choices? Thanks for your help.
Hi Mary Jean...I have an AcuRite, essentially a base model my wife bought me and it serves my purposes well. It really depends on what kind of data you want to see. Any home weather station will have its pros and cons, so determine what information you want and go from there. If you don't need all the bells and whistles, stay on the lower end of your budget. If you live in a severe prone area, factor in outdoor unit replacement due to hail primarily.

My vote; start simple and upgrade later.

I'll let others chime in.
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Mary Jean Gomez

Jul 10, 2018
Hi Marc,

Thanks for the response. I'm looking for a weather station that can send me updates even if I'm away from home. I'll check the specs of AcuRite models to see if they have what I need.
Mar 5, 2010
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How about Bloomsky? I really liked the concept when they came up but never pulled the trigger on one. Time lapse video and cool sensors.