WSV3: Is it Worth It?

Ryan L

Apr 25, 2020
Hollister MO
I have downloaded WSV3, as they let you try it out for 14 days before purchasing.

I must say, I am very impressed, as it contains far more data than any other product I have used,
including Gibson Ridge products.

My question is this: The source of WSV3”s NEXRAD data comes from AWS
(High Capacity Amazon Web Services NEXRAD cloud server.

Within the Program Settings / Data Downloading, WSV3 provides (2) options:

The first, which is the program’s default, is: Completed Level 2 Volumes (large benefit)

The second is: Live, in progress level 2 volume (less benefit)

I attempted to “uncheck” the default option #1 and could not:
It states “NEXRAD level 2 system must be deactivated to change these settings”

Yet, I have no idea how to “deactivate” level 2.

Then, on the same screen there is a field titled “Custom NEXRAD Level 2 Server,
and provides a box for copying, for example, Allisonhouse’s NEXRAD 2 Data,
so the program uses Allisomhouse data.

Question #1: What is the specific difference between WSV3’s (2) NEXRAD level 2 options,
which are (as stated above) Completed Level 2 Volumes (large benefit) and
Live, in progress level 2 volume (less benefit)

Question #2: Would using AllisonHouse’s NEXRAD level 2 data be any better than WSV3’s default’s option #1
May 18, 2005
Hey Ryan. I've also recently downloaded the 14 day trial and will be making a full purchase after. I think to answer your first question, just select level 3 radar and doing so will deactivate level 2.

D Robinson

Jun 10, 2020
Opelika, AL
WSV3 uses an AWS cloud server to offload traffic from the NOMADS feed. You can check both boxes and be fine. I'm unsure of the specific differences in each selection.

As for question #2: The speed that AWS updates is very fast and you likely would not see any difference between WSV3's AWS feed and an AllisonHouse's feed.