Winter Kickoff: N. Bering Sea's most powerful storm - to date

Presently, there is a massive storm which started as the remnant of Typhoon Nuri with some very impressive specs now.

Full read here:

Super low pressure center gradient with seas above 50ft!

Talked to a guy in Alaska via Ham radio in the last half hour; said he never seen anything like it.
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Mar 23, 2013
Denver, CO
It was -22* F in Laramie, WY when I stopped for fuel in my Freightliner Cascadia work truck on Thursday morning.

I put in two bottles of anti-gel per tank and my fuel was STILL trying to gel up and pulling engine codes.

Thats the coldest temps I have ever experienced myself.

I hope this is just a random freak storm and not the start of a trend for this winter season.