Why did I miss the tornado?

James K

Mar 26, 2019
The biggest reason is 'I never left home' .LOL.

Some background (even though I know parts of it are somewhere in other posts on here):
Until a couple years ago, I even know storm chasing was a thing (don't know how I missed that since I've always loved a good thunderstorm!)
Last year I'd kinda hoped to pick a storm & go chase/see it, but that didn't happen. I did 'watch' some storms or radar (and actually did ok at picking which severe-warned ones would become tornado-warned))
There are some things that held me back are:
* The simple fact I'd never done it, and really wasn't sure on what/how/etc all to go about it..
* I also had a very limited cellphone plan(but it was free so no complaints). So basically having no data on the road, unless I could find a store or something with free wi-fi to stop at, no radar..
* I was thinking I could just look ar radar, pick a larger and/or sever storm while at home, then head out & hopefully get a place to jump on wi-fi along the way.
* I also didn't really realize that its more-so late-afternoon/evening before the storms really get going, I figured I could get an early afternoon storm & be back home by dinnertime. (avoiding the clusterf--k of rush-hour atleast heading out)

with the above:
* Having had another year to read stuff/watch videos/etc, I feel more confident than last year. I also plan to try & attend a Skywarn spotter training this spring.
* The (free) cellphone plan I had was discontinued, I'm gonna have to find a new (low-cost) one to replace it, probably get a new phone too since the current one is really out of date.
* The idea of picking an already severe-warned storm at home I don't think is going to work, because of the distance, exactly how to go about it I haven't figured out. Its probably going to have to be a matter of picking a spot based off the SPC pages/info...along with a 'best guess' on which of the smaller storms .might. do something...
* The thing with storms being early afternoon comes from me being near the mountains...the little thundershowers we get start then (really didn't think about the fact they need to move farther out & grow). I now realize that I'll just have to get home a bit later (nice thing with summer is the longer daylight hours!).

Maybe this is the year I won't miss the tornado (and even if I do miss that, maybe I'll get to see some awesome storm structure & a good lightning show!)