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Why can we NOT see the 2 videos in the Training Test? We cannot view them, yet get wrong answers

K5EAG Bill Miller

I have tried to take the training test 3 times and keep getting 2 wrong answers because I did not answer the 2 questions regarding the 2 videos. Yet, it is not possible to view the videos. When will this bug be fixed so we can watch the video and give the correct answers?
Unfortunately the videos require Flash to be installed.
Since Flash is outdated/discontinued, most browsers will disable it (and/or block installation) by default.

I purposely turn off all such options(auto-blocking/disabling things) in any browser I use, for reasons like that.
As well as keep an older browser for older websites such as SpotterNetwork..
Not to mention I also network-block access to any MacroMedia/Adobe/Microsoft domains (blocks the built-in spyware, and prevents any sneaky tricks of disableing)...

K5EAG Bill Miller

I understand why you turned off the links to the video, however, how can we answer the 2 questions if we are not able to view the videos? If we leave the 2 questions unanswered, we get 2 marks against our final grade. So, how do I view the videos in order to give a correct answer to the videos I cannot see?
Actually I'm not an admin just a member so I wouldn't be able to turn off the links...
What I was trying to say above is that they are Adobe Flash videos, and your browser will likely have disabled Flash because its outdated.

The videos are technically still there on the web-server, but a modern browser & its default settings won't be able to play them.
(I personally would be able view them due to my customized settings)

I know the admins are aware of the video issue & were looking into it, but I'm not sure where they are as far as progress in fixing it. (someone else will have to answer that part)
Hi Bill,

John is aware of the test being broken. The videos are in flash format, which has come and gone. I spent some time working on videos this weekend, and hopefully someone can get most of the test fixed this week.
Good to hear the test part may be getting close to being finished!

There was another thread earlier this year about videos in the training sections that I'd been following (but havent looked at in awhile, have to go find that & check it).
I'd even gone through with the long drawn out process of converting videos there, just to see how many could be done.. which was nearly all of them .lol. Maybe a waste of time, maybe not, since it was an interesting/kinda fun little project...
...Just recently deleted all that stuff from the computer I use for internet.

John Wetter

SN President
Staff member
We've restructured the test to not have these missing elements. We hope to start work on a new test and interface in the near future.