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  1. I need some info on Tornadoes that have happen in Western PA since the 1940s? I know F2-F4 Tornadoes have happen but I'm looking for alot of stuff on Western PA Tornadoes.

    I can use Pics, Info, or anything else.

    I trying to get in depth on Tornadoes around Pittsburgh. I will make a Webpage about Tornadoes in the Winter

    Please PM me if you a have questons?
  2. Chris Hayes

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  3. I found that an F4 Tornado had left a 15Mile Path through Vandergrift Area in PA with some homes compleatly flattend with 140 Injured

    It was during a pop up Tornado Event in 1980
  4. John Olexa

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  5. Dan Robinson

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    June 2, 1998 was the most recent significant outbreak.
  6. I remember that day a Microburst and a possible tornado in Russellton PA that took a shed a lifted it over the town dropping it in the woods.
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    You may want to check out my DVD compilation of tornado videos from the eastern United States called "Eastern Fury." In addition to rare footage from other states, I do have a nice segment from the Hermitage, PA tornado in 1985. There is also some security cam footage (on the DVD, not on the website stills) from a truck stop that was damaged from a tornado in the Willow Street, PA area on 7/27/04 (Lancaster County). There is info about each tornado before the footage. I think this DVD is the only place to see the 7/27/04 footage and the largest amount of the Hermitage footage.


    Bill Hark
  8. Heidi Farrar

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    Jordan, this F-2 tornado came through Salisbury, PA on May 31, 1998. (Make sure you scroll down and you'll see there are 4 pages of photos.) -- I grew up only a few miles south of Salisbury, across the border in Maryland. I actually moved a year before the tornado hit, so I was not in the area when it happened (the last MD town I lived in, Frostburg, got hit by an F-4 a couple of days later, on June 2nd, '98!)

    If you google "Salisbury PA tornado 1998" you can find other random info that might interest you. :)
  9. I rated a Tornado F4-F5 Based on damage pictures I have seen from a 1944 Tornado down in West Mifflin Area near Kennywood PA. The structure seems to Multiple Vortex Wedge with a path of 1/2-1 Mile Wide at points. 10 Mile Path seems possible with narrow arcs in damage.

    JUN 23, 1944 6:30 pm 17 dead 200 injured
    All deaths took place at McKeesport, Dravosburg, Port Vue, Versailles, Boston, and Greenock

    Possible F4-F5 Tornado
    SEP 7, 1893 4:00 pm 3 dead 20 injured
    Homes and barns were swept away near East Troy, Granville Center, and Franklindale, Bradford County.

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