Website With Synoptic Data for Major Historical Tornadoes

Feb 19, 2021
When I was reaching my book Warnings from 2005-2010 there was a website that had synoptic data and patterns for various historic tornadoes (e.g., Udall, Woodward, Ruskin Heights, etc.). I cannot seem to find it today. Does anyone know if it still exists and, if so, the URL?

Thanks, everyone!!
Aug 9, 2012
Macomb, IL
Tornado Archive – The Ultimate Tornado Data Viewer

This is the only one that exists at the moment that I'm aware of (the tornadohistoryproject went under a couple years ago). Click on "data explorer" and there is a ton of stuff going way back. Also take a look at SPC's tornado environment browser as well, it is pretty good along with their "violent tornado webpage" which highlights events that produced F/EF4+ tornadoes.

Here are the links for those:

Tornado Environment Browser (SPC): Tornado Environment Browser

Violent tornado webpage (SPC):