WeatherFlow/Tempest vs Davis Vantage Pro 2

Aug 31, 2021
Hot Springs, Arkansas
I currently have a Davis Vantage Pro 2. I'm debating whether to eventually purchase the necessary hardware to publish its data to the Internet (such as a WeatherLink Live, which I can pick up around $175 from Scientific Sales), or if I should invest in a WeatherFlow/Tempest station instead. I've heard some good reviews on the WeatherFlow/Tempest, and I believe Baron is using them to build out their Critical Weather Institute network. The fact that they include an on-site Lightning Sensor also interests me.

If someone has compared the Davis Vantage Pro 2 with the WeatherFlow/Tempest, which one do you prefer?


Lou Ruh

May 17, 2007
The Tempest is a nice concept (compact, no moving parts, etc.), but, there are some things that have caused some people problems. These include:

- The haptic rain sensor can produce false readings if the unit is receiving vibrations from the mount (so, mounting the Tempest correctly is critical).
- The sonic wind sensor can produce false readings if water collects in a bad spot (a rare occurrence due to a hydrophobic coating, but, in heavy rain it could happen ... also could happen if the coating gets damaged).
- Poor battery performance in cases where the the solar panels are not receiving sufficient sun. Once the battery voltage drops, sensors are throttled or turned off.

To name a few :) .

Mine works pretty well (I have only had wind issues in torrential rains during T.S. Ida and T.S. Isaias and they were brief). I do have a Vantage Pro 2 as well ... it works well with good maintenance ... my biggest problem is the rain gauge getting clogged with "stuff" (but, the rain gauge is near ground level, so, not hard to clean out). I have had the anemometer freeze over in ice storms ... something that has not occured with the Tempest (but, with enough ice, I guess it could happen if the gap gets blocked such that the sonic sensors are not hearing what they should).


Jul 8, 2004
Topeka KS
For the Tempest, it'd be nice to know if WeatherFlow is working to improve the rain and wind sensors. I have my doubts that the rain sensor will ever do a really good job compared to a co-located, good rain gauge. But it would be nice if they could work out any issues with the wind sensor. Thanks for the review Lou.
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