Weather Station Without Rain Gauge

Apr 9, 2021
SW Ontario, Canada
Hey all,

I'm looking for a weather station similar to this one ->La Crosse Technology S81120-INT Wireless Combo Weather Station with New Breeze Solar Wind Sensor, Black: Home & Kitchen

I would prefer not to have a rain gauge because I would not be able to get accurate mesurements where I live. too many tall objects around casting a rain shadow. this one here looks good but it has some bad reviews. some of the acurite ones like this look good but don't have a weather vane ->AcuRite 01604 Pro Color Digital Weather Station with Wind Speed, Temperature and Humidity: Home & Kitchen

the weather stations without a rain gauge are also a couple hundred cheaper. I really want the lacross technology one but one of the reviews said it tops out at about 50 kph. anyone have a good replacement in the same price point with a wind vane?