Weather Forecasting Without Models Book?

Feb 19, 2021
Hi everyone,

I am considering writing a book to teach meteorologists, storm chasers, EM's and weather aficionados how to make weather forecasts without models (in the short term) plus techniques that when, combined with the models, will improve accuracy,

My question: If the book was really well done with color illustrations, etc., would you buy it? What would you pay for it?

Thank you in advance.

Mike Smith

Mark Gressman Jr

May 12, 2022
South Jersey
I think the response to your question will vary greatly depending on the forecasting experience of each individual. For those like myself, who have a tentative grasp of the fundamentals and much to learn, would probably welcome the idea. Depending on how in depth it is, I wouldn't mind paying $25-$50. I like the idea though, so keep us informed. Best of luck!
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Jul 5, 2009
Newtown, Pennsylvania
Mike, I would definitely welcome a resource like that. Not sure if this is exactly what you have in mind, but I envision it as:

- For the non-meteorologist…
- …Yet for someone that has some background knowledge, such as the average chaser, pilot, or mariner, NOT just geared toward the average person off the street that is interested in weather but knows nothing at all about it
- A stand-alone resource that is reasonably technical…
- …Yet not a like an introductory textbook that doesn’t give you enough knowledge that you can actually apply without progressing to ”intermediate” and “advanced” (of course there is always more to read, and deeper and more advanced material, but we’re talking about an audience of non-meteorologists)

Sort of like an updated version of Tim Vasquez’s “Storm Chasing Handbook,” but focusing exclusively on forecasting.

Not sure if you intended to focus just on severe weather forecasting, or on more general forecasting?

I’m not worried about how much it costs, if it’s anywhere within the normal range for a book (a mainstream book, not a textbook) I would buy it.