Wanted: Cell Signal Booster


Oct 24, 2015
Columbiaville, MI
If anyone here has a cell signal booster they can not, or do not use anymore, let me know and ill get you my address, and as most people, free is kind of what i am looking for.

B. Dean Berry

May 25, 2014
Now, if you're willing to join in with the rest of us and look at modern equipment, there's some things to know:

- All cell booster now fall under the FCC's jurisdiction, and must be of an approved type. There's a lot of Chinese junk making it's way around nowadays, none of it certified for use by the FCC. You can choose to use one of these anyway, but know that most of them don't really work, and they cause pretty decent interference. Using a non-cleared booster will likely not boost your signal, it will probably disrupt it, and the signal of others around you.

- All cell boosters now have to be registered with your wireless provider, reinforcing the earlier note about FCC approved boosters.

- Overall, you appear to be on a strict budget. In this case, I would point you in the direction of the SureCall Fusion or the Wilson DRIVE Sleek. These are excellent boosters, with FCC certification, that all 4 carriers recognize, and they come in at some pretty decent price points. Amazon had the DRIVE Sleek for like $135 a little bit ago.
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