Video program: 2019-20, Season of Thundersnow

John Farley

Apr 1, 2004
Pagosa Springs, CO
I took the extended period of staying at home for Coronavirus as an opportunity for some video-making, to highlight the excellent season I had during the past winter of witnessing and photographing thundersnow. This one-hour program presents video from the five instances of thundersnow that I was able to see and video during the winter season of 2019-2020. It also includes some on-camera discussion by me of each of these five thundersnow storms, and of the phenomenon of thundersnow more generally, particularly as it ocurrs in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. So when you've got a little time, grab a drink and a snack (but keep them away from your device!), lean back, and enjoy, especially if you are a hard-core weather nut like me. This video is best watched full-screen and HD.