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Sep 29, 2011
Fort Worth, TX
I recently got a new phone after my old one was damaged by water (lost all contacts). While attempting to rebuild my NWS report number list, I discovered my list is about five years old, and contains some numbers I know have since been replaced. Anybody have a secret link to get the most current list of NWSFO report numbers? Thanks in advance.
Oct 10, 2006
Fort Worth, Texas
Shane...somewhere on the forum I posted a list form this past summer. Take it for what its worth. Some folks sneered at the list............

Found it, cut and paste. Please update if needed.

"After reading numerous comments that the NWS "doesn't publish phone numbers" I sat down and built a spreadsheet with the phone numbers for "tornado alley". It appears that those offices that don't experience "severe weather" don't have a "dedicated storm reporting number" so I included the local office public number (designated on the spread sheet with (P)). Below is the information. PM with your email if you want the actual spreadsheet in Excel 2011 format.

Local Office3 LetterStatePhone Number All numbers are for storm reports except: (P) designates a public office number.
Austin / San AntonioEWXTX1-830-606-3617
BrownsvilleBROTX1-956-504-1432 (P)
Corpus ChristiCRPTX1-361-289-0959
Fort Worth / DallasFWDTX1-800-792-2257
El PasoEPZTX1-575-589-4088 (P)
Houston / GalvestonHGXTX1-281-337-5074 (P)
Midland / OdessaMAFTX1-800-597-3320
San AngeloSJTTX1-325-944-9445
Oklahoma CityOUNOK1-405-325-3816
TulsaTSAOK1-918-838-7838 (P)
Dodge CityDDCKS1-800-824-9943
HastingsGIDNE1-402-462-4287 (P)
North PlatteLBFNE1-308-532-4936
OmahaOAXNE1-402-359-5166 (P)
Kansas City / Pleasant HillEAXMO1-816-540-6021 (P)
SpringfieldSGFMO1-417-863-8028 (P)
St. LouisLSXMO1-636-441-8467 (P)
Des MoniesDMXIA1-800-759-9276
Quad CitiesDVNIA1-563-386-3976 (P)
Denver / BoulderBOUCO1-303-494-4221 (P)
Grand JunctionGJTCO1-970-243-7007 (P)
PuebloPUBCO1-719-948-9429 (P)
Lake CharlesLCHLA1-337-477-5285 (P)
New Orleans / Baton RougeLIXLA1-504-522-7330 (P)
ShreveportSHVLA1-318-631-3669 (P)
Little RockLZKAK1-800-482-8471
Update: 27 Apr 2012
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It's probably not as useful for your specific needs, but one option is to use the SpotterNetwork agent or the "submit report" page. We automatically show the official* phone number for the office in your region.

I don't believe the NWS would like us publishing the list in bulk...but I can certainly ask. (I don't know why not, but they can be hinky that way sometimes)

*as requested by the office
Jul 2, 2004
Hastings, Michigan
You might also want to check out www.grlevelxstuff.com. Among their downloads, there's a placefile that displays NWS phone numbers across every state on your radar screen. Here's the link to page 3 of the placefile downloads. But the link may not take you straight there, as you'll probably have to log in before you can access the downloads. So if you're not registered with the site, you'll have to go through that preliminary. But it's well worth doing so--it's a great site, very useful for GRX owners.
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