TV Meteorologist Passes Away

Jan 5, 2008
Dear StormTrack Family

It is with a Heavy Heart that I tell you of the passing of TV Meteorologist Jessica Starr of News station
FOX 2 in Detroit. Jessica was a mother of 2 and was married. This story for me is very disturbing as I am sure that it will be for some of you here on stormtrack. Jessica Earned 2 Meteorology degrees. 1 from Michigan State University and Mississippi State University. She was just 35 yrs old. I am going to post the link to the rest of the story that has already hit YAHOO and I hope that I don't get in trouble from stormtrack for posting this. Just thought that it was worthy to be mentioned. Shawn C.



Jeff Duda

Resident meteorological expert
Staff member
Oct 7, 2008
Broomfield, CO
I did not know her, but this is sad and disturbing. And while I don't know the true details of what led to this, here are my thoughts:

People are very good at hiding truly deep pain that may ultimately result in one's suicide. It's probably even worse for people with a public side - anything less than perfection and they will feel they are not as good at their job as they are expected to be, so they will fight to hide it even more. It makes sense that no one would know about it until it was too late. Mental and emotional health need to be considered to be as important as physical health.